Nutrition Consulting

Have you ever dreamed about Prefect Body?

Do you want to have the best figure and Ideal Body weight? Are you Vegan and you don’t know what to eat? Do you want buy food but you don’t know what is really healthy? Then you’re Right here. I would help you to achieve your Goals and get your Ideal Weight.

Frist consultation (60 minutes) 50 Euro

Nutrition check (90 minutes) 100 Euro

Individual consultation (120 minutes) 150 Euro

Individual nutrition plan (150 Euro )

Individual help & advice for food shop (120 minutes) 100 Euro

Weight Management

Ideal Weight Analysis Plan

Weight loss Nutrition Plan

Gain Weight Nutrition Plan

Sports Nutrition & Diet

​Child Nutrition

Consulting for Companies & Hospitals

Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition

Vegan Diet & Nutrition

Further nutritional advice (60 minutes) 40 Euro